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Cassandra Niglio ’16

Cassandra Niglio ’16

Hometown: Mount CarmelMajor: Communication StudiesRelationship Status: Single

Her Campus: What activities are you involved in on campus?Cassandra Niglio: I’m involved in BU cheer. Intramurals such as softball and volleyball champs, and I’m currently on the planning team for the Earth Day event that will take place this April.

HC: Can you explain to us what this Earth Day event is?CN: BU’s 2015 Earth Day event will take place from 10AM to 3PM on the Husky patio and in the Kehr Ballroom in both Multi Purposes rooms; A and B.  There will be various activities throughout the day including human bowling and recycle basketball.  Our purpose is to spread awareness of the environmental impact humans have on the Earth to the students, faculty and staff of Bloomsburg.  Also in what ways we can make a difference.  Our main goal is to persuade individuals to do their part so they will be motivated to save the Earth no just on Earth Day but every day.  We are still in the planning stages and the event will take place on April 20th!

HC: Wow! Sounds like you’re good at planning events like this.  You are also in charge of Carmel’s ThinkBIG dance marathon.  Do you want to explain that a little?CN: This event is a 12 hour dance marathon for students and staff at the Mount Carmel Area School District, alumni and community members. All proceeds from this event go straight to the Janet Weis Children’s Hospitals ThinkBIG pediatric cancer fund. This organization provides financial support to families whose children are receiving treatment at Janet Weis. I lead a team of 70 volunteers and there are usually about 400 participants that get involved in that day. Throughout the day there are various activities going on for participants such as dodgeball, basketball, karaoke, group games, luminary walks, kick boxing, guest speakers, etc. It’s a fun-filled day all for one great cause. In the pat two years, we have raised a combined total of $29,000 all given to pediatric cancer patients and their families.

HC: Rumor has it, you’re cheerleading captain next season.  Are you ready for that position and excited for the season to start?CN: Yes, I’m very excited for this upcoming season and being named as one of the captains for the 2015 season is just icing on the cake for my senior year. I think with the cheerleading background I have, and all the events that I have lead in the past has prepared me to take on this position. I’m eager to start planning and look forward to all that this season will bring!

Which would you rather?Breakfast or Dinner? Breakfast.Night or Day? Hmm… That’s a tough one.  Probably day.Spring or Fall? Spring.

Favorite…Singer? Shania TwainActress? Jennifer LaweranceMovie? Remember the TitansSong? “Walkin’ on Sunshine”

Final comments?My favorite quote of all time is “every single day, in every walk of life, ordinary people do extraordinary thing.” I live by it.  

I love to write when I'm bored and have the free time.  The best decision I ever made was coming to Bloomsburg.  Since I've been accepted I joined the cheerleading team and couldn't be happier! :)
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