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Campus Profile: Josh Matz

Full Name: Joshua Matz 

Age: 21 

Hometown: Newtown, Pa 

Major/Year: Marketing and Supply Chain, Senior 


This or That 

Morning or Night Person: Night Person 

Disney World or Universal: Disney World 

Theme park or Water Park: Theme park 

Christmas or Halloween: Christmas 

Cats or Dogs: Dogs 


Your biggest pet peeve? People not doing their best when working in a group. 

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be? I would travel to all of the Disney parks across the world (Florida, California, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Paris, and Hawaii). 

Where do you see yourself after graduating? After graduating, I see myself enjoying my first marketing position at a company that I enjoy working for as much as they appreciate all my hard work. 

What’s your favorite Disney movie and character? Movie- Tangled Character Mickey Mouse.

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