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Campus Celebrity Cynthia Haz

Major/Minor: Pre Social Work and Psych, Gender Studies, and Spanish minor

Grad Year: 2018

Relationship Status: In a relationship


HC:What activities are you involved in on campus?

CH: Public relations chair of the Spanish club, service chair, JNPC and banner maker for Delta Epsilon Beta, DASL, and Colleges Against Cancer.


HC: What is your biggest ambition?

CH: To make a great living to give my mother everything she wants and more.


HC: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

CH: Hopefully having my own psychotherapy practice to help people in domestically violent house holds and help the sexually abused.


HC:What’s your favorite thing to do in Bloom?

CH: Be with my favorite people, my beautiful sisters of Delta Epsilon Beta.



Food- Pizza

Movie- Burlesque

Season- Fall

Accessory -Hair tie, I always carry one

Sports Team- Miami Heat and New York Yankees

Netflix Series- Gossip Girl and American Horror Story


This or That:

iPhone or Droid- iPhone

Coke or Pepsi -Pepsi

Candy or Chocolate- Candy

Summer or Winter- Summer

Cats or Dogs- Dogs

Hi, guys! I'm JB and I am Campus Correspondent for Her Campus BloomU!
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