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BU-Related Twitter Accounts Every Collegiette Should Follow

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bloom U chapter.

Bloomsburg Girl Problems (@BloomGirlProblems)

It’s every complaint you’ve ever had about Bloomsburg, all in one place.

The Voice (@BUVoice)

While we might not have time to read every word of our student newspaper, we can at least get the headlines in 140 characters or less!

Bloomsburg Dining (@BUCampusDining)

There’s no better way to get the skinny on what’s for dinner! 

Bloomsburg CGA (@BUCGA)

They’re the best source for what’s going on around campus and how it affects all of us.

BU Huskies (@BUSportsInfo)

Think BU’s not a big sports school? Think again!

Program Board (@BUProgramBoard)

Sitting at home on a Friday night looking for something to do? Look no further than Program Board’s Twitter account.

BU Greek Life (@BU_greek)

Whether you’re thinking about going Greek or already a sister, Greek Life’s account posts rush and event information along with adorable photos of all the sisters of Bloomsburg!

Her Campus Bloomsburg (@HCBloomsburg)

We couldn’t leave ourselves out, could we? For everthing a collegiette ever needs, be sure to follow us on Twitter! You never know what we’ll tweet next!

Kathryn is a loquacious and driven senior at Bloomsburg University studying English. Journalism has been her focus for almost eight years and she's slightly excited but mostly petrified of exploring her career options in a few short months. She can be found roaming the halls of Bakeless, yelling into the abyss in BU's student newspaper The Voice's office or making pancakes for her roommates.Check out her personal blog and her study abroad blog.