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Amanda Leshko ’15

Amanda Leshko

Hometown: Easton, PAAge: 21Year: SeniorMajor: MarketingHC Position: Marketing Director

Her Campus: What activities are you involved with on campus?Amanda Leshko: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Her Campus Bloom, Community Leadership and Engagement

HC: You recently participated in the International Collegiate Sales Competition at Florida State University. Tell us about it!AL: I had an amazing time, it was definitely a challenge and more “work than play”, but it was absolutely worth the hard work! I was originally selected to go in my “Principles of Selling Class” by my professor at the time, Monica Favia. Professor Favia coached me the entire way and helped me prepare for this competition in more ways than one. The one thing I took away from this competition was that no matter how hard you prepare and practice something, in this case a role paly, once you are in there and competition it plays out a totally different way than you may have wanted. There were many times that I was thinking on my feet and it was a true test of my sales skills.

HC: Congratulations on making it into the “Sweet Sixteen” round of the competition. What was that like?AL: I have never been in a competition before, so going into this I had no idea what to expect. I personally thought it would be amazing to make it to the third round because last year the students who went made it to the third round as well. But after I got there, and saw how overwhelming it was I was hoping on making it past the first round. A lot of students that competed there have competed in numerous sales competitions before, so I figured they would surpass me in the competing rounds. After hearing that I made it to the third round, I felt so accomplished and was proud to be competing at such an elite level.

HC: What made you want to get into marketing?AL: I always loved talking to people and building relationships which is exactly what marketing is. I have always been able to talk to people very easily and after finding my niche in sales it seemed to all come very naturally.

HC: What is the most challenging aspect of your coursework?AL: The most challenging aspect of my coursework would be learning to  balance and time manage everything. I am finishing my semester with 18 credits, working, preparing for another sales competition- NSCS in Georgia, active in my sorority, and still trying to have a social life. It can definitely being overwhelming at times!

HC: What are your ultimate career goals?AL: To work for a successful company and be happy within the position I hold; I would love to hold a leadership position.

HC: What has been your most rewarding experience at Bloomsburg so far?AL: Competing in the sales competitions!

HC: What will you miss the most about Bloomsburg once you graduate?AL: My friends of course!

HC: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?AL: I wouldn’t want to live in one place, I would love to have an apartment in every city if I could! Haha I get bored easily, and I love to travel.

HC: What would you do if you won the lottery?AL: Start a scholarship program for under privileged students, save it, and of course go on a huge shopping spree! 

Kathryn is a loquacious and driven senior at Bloomsburg University studying English. Journalism has been her focus for almost eight years and she's slightly excited but mostly petrified of exploring her career options in a few short months. She can be found roaming the halls of Bakeless, yelling into the abyss in BU's student newspaper The Voice's office or making pancakes for her roommates.Check out her personal blog and her study abroad blog.
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