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Aftermath of a Long Term Relationship

One word, freedom. Going into senior year of college, already being nervous about what the future holds and now you’re alone. At least you thought you were alone. Losing something that you were once so comfortable with can be hard, very hard.

         But that is exactly it, you were simply comfortable. You were not enjoying yourself. Were you even really in love? You are now beginning to realize not only your true worth, but how great your friends and surroundings are. You truly start to take in how great all the people in your life are. You realize how toxic your significant other truly was. It is okay to walk away, do what is best for you!

         It is about time you start focusing on yourself, and your future. Instead of looking back and wondering why you stuck around for so long, and how you did not see how the relationship was destroying you, use it as a lesson. A lesson to never for settle for anything less than you are worth. Remember these things for future relationships;

  • It is okay to do things without your significant other, if they cannot respect that you want to be with friends, leave.
  • If they do not have goals and aspirations and are holding you back from pursuing yours, this is not the right one for you.
  • There is a difference between wanting to be in a relationship and staying because you are comfortable, recognize the difference.
  • Always love yourself first.
Hi! My name is Kiersten Edwards, I am an Early Ed major at Bloomsburg University, class of 2018. I enjoy many things including being outdoors, reading books, and writing! Enjoy!
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