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5 Reasons Why It’s a Good Time to Be a 90’s Girl

The return of French Toast Crunch.No, I’m not talking about the ever so popular Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal that has been around for decades. This popular 90’s cereal was discontinued years ago but has recently been brought back in to light as it has been put back on shelves. If you are looking to buy this cereal it is currently being sold at Weis and I can tell you that is certainly tastes just as good as it did in 1998.

The return of jelly sandals.It’s true. Even sites like Forever 21 and Go Jane are selling these puppies at a pretty cheap price. If you are looking to turn into a true 90’s goddess look no further. Snap these puppies on your feet, attach a Tamagotchi to your belt, put on your plastic chokers and party like its 1995.

Summer hits of the 90’s Pandora Radio exists.Most people already know of this hidden gem, but to those who don’t who wouldn’t want to blast this station while doing some much needed spring cleaning in your apartment?

Crop Tops are cool as can be.Paired with a pair of high-waisted shorts or a high-waisted skirt this look is definitely back in style. While most of us weren’t actually wearing these in the 90’s because we were children, you can’t deny that even Briteny Spears looked pretty cool rocking one of these.

Doc MartensThese have recently become an iconic street style staple. Who wouldn’t want a pair when they come in so many colors and make you feel cool as can be?

Avery is a senior Marketing major at Bloomsburg University. She is from around the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton area of Pennsylvania with the hometown of Sweet Valley. With an interest in fashion, she spends a lot of time ordering clothes online and blogging. Fashion is not the only thing taking up her time, as she also enjoys reading, obsessing over HBO's Girls or Game of Thrones and sipping on a nice hot cup of jasmine tea. She is also an avid Harry Potter fan, and can be found meddling around in video games at times as well as completely engulfing herself in various Netfilx TV show marathons such as Dexter, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead with her boyfriend of four years.
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