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5 DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, many couples are beginning to brainstorm the perfect gift to give their significant other.  Although, just like many collegiettes, finding the money for that perfect gift could be a struggle.  Here’s a list of cute DIY Valentine’s Day gifts your significant other is sure to enjoy. 

  1. Make an “All About You” Basket.  There are two ways this basket could be completed. The first way is to think of your significant others favorite items and fill the basket with them.  The second way is to create a list of reasons why you love them. After creating the list, pick a few reasons off the list and head off to the store to find items that relate to the reasons. 
  2. Take a deck of cards and make a little book of “52 Reasons Why I Like/Love You.” This is simple and easy to do!
  3. Lastly, a scrapbook. Many girls are probably thinking boys don’t want scrapbooks! You may be surprised. Even if the boys don’t show it, they would love it. You can create a scrapbook to show your relationship over the past months or years, however long you have been dating. He will always be able to look back over the years and remember the fun times you two have had together. Every so often, you can take back the book and add in new, fun memories. 
  4. Want something really unique and different? How about a personalized rubik’s cube? Take photos from your relationship and create a fun and unique present! 
  5. Let your significant other show some Bloomsburg University spirit by getting them a water bottle, mug, or anything along those lines. Then fill the bottle with Hershey’s Kisses with a little note that says “Here’s a kiss for everyday we are apart.” It’s perfect for long distance relationships along with couples who are together every day.

DIY gifts are the perfect gifts for your significant others on Valentine’s Day. Do you have any DIY ideas? Share them with us! 

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