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The 12 People You Meet In Class

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bloom U chapter.

We all know those disruptive people you have in every class that are doing something to drive you nuts. But, sometimes as a college student we deem some of these things acceptable. For us, it’s these 12 people….

1. The note copier – Even though this person has been sitting in the classroom for the full length of time, they still need your notes for some reason. Mind you that you have worked super hard on those notes and have been attentive to what your professor was lecturing on. Meanwhile, the note copier was slumped over in the corner staring off in to space. So why did they even come to class in the first place?

2. The Sleeper – Why  do people even come to class if they know they will fall asleep? Go get yourself a Trenta sized coffee with a double shot of espresso at Starbucks and rise and grind!

3. The noisy eater – First it’s the jumbling of their backpack. Then it’s the crinkling sound of the paper wrapping being ripped open. Finally comes the chomping and crunching noise of each bite until they’ve finished the snack. It’s quite distracting but I admit, it’s hard to fit in meals between classes.

4. The obsessive texter – Yeah, we’s all rather be on our phones. However, most of us are respectful enough to turn out alarms, Twitter, and the flashing text alert off before class starts.

5. The student who gives extensive answers- Most classes have one student who raises their hand for each question and loves to go on a spiel about the answer. Not always necessary, but good for them for actually participating!

6. The one who asks pointless questions – Are you ever listening to the lecture and then someone randomly raises their hand and asks a question about something totally irrelevant to the class entirely? Yeah, what’s up with that?

7. The person who never ceases to be tardy- There’s always one person who strolls into class ten minutes late each day. Why don’t they just leave ten minutes earlier to get there on time? You don’t know what you’re missing, people.

8. The one who is never prepared- A notebook, pen, and your attention span. That’s all you need! Okay, and maybe a text book.

9. The teachers pet- No one likes a teachers pet. But you do you, boo.

10. The lazy bum- Let’s be honest, we all get really lazy at times. Most of us do go to class in sweats or comfy workout gear. There’s nothing wrong with being comfortable!

11. The pencil tapper- A lot of us have guilty fidgeting routines when we get nervous or bored in class. I’m assuming this is one of those.

12. The person who hasn’t showered in a week- There comes a time where we have to draw the line, and this is when we must do it. Whether you just got back from the gym or were having bodily function problems, at least bring some body spray to spare us all!

I am a 23 year old senior at Bloomsburg University. I am a Mass Communications major on the telecommunications track and with a concentration in Public Relations.
Hi, guys! I'm JB and I am Campus Correspondent for Her Campus BloomU!