My 5 to survive

It’s no fashion secret that trends come, go and come back again. The high-end and the high-street are currently fascinated with tartan, the skort and matching outfits. Now, I don’t have the benefit of a crystal ball to promise you that we won’t be seeing any more of obsessions such as the flare, the poncho or the peplum top but I can promise you that the five must-haves I'm going to share are not going anywhere any time soon.

1. The statement jumper

You’ve woken up at 8.45am for that 9am lecture you just cannot miss. Your lack of time plus the heavy weekend you’re still recovering from has left your laundry basket looking like an erupted volcano and of course you have NOTHING to wear.

What do you do?

Everyone needs that jumper. The one you can throw on with leggings and trainers and has you ready in time to grab a piece of toast on your way out the door. It gives you the ‘I so just rolled out of bed’ look even if you really woke up with an hour to spare….we all do it.

Urban Outfitters, £45

River Island, £40

2. The Biker boots

Three months ago a relationship ended. I can only compare my tragedy to the moment I found out that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were no longer a doting duo. I’d been clutching at my three-year-old Topshop biker boots for months too long and after getting bored of my friends telling me they had to go, I finally took the plunge, it was not easy.

Skinny jeans, skater skirts, bodycon dresses, leggings…what don’t they go with? They are timeless and season-less (especially for us Brits!) and whilst I am still trying to forge a relationship with my River Island replacements, I’ve been keeping an eye out for the perfect pair. 

Zara, £99 (hurry sale hurry!)

Topshop, now £25

3. The black dress

It is one of those nights. It’s been planned for ages, there is no debate, you are going out. It doesn’t matter how many take-aways you’ve had recently, or how miserable you’re feeling because of your latest drunken social embarrassment, you cannot let the girls down. Although you may not feel up to showcasing your latest creative purchase, you do have your timeless black dress that never fails to crowd please.

Missguided, £44.99

ASOS, £32

4. The Skinny jean

They may have been hated on in their time for being uncomfortable, unflattering and just distasteful but their success cannot be argued. Skinny jeans are the everlasting fashion trend, they are for the slim and the curvy, they can be stretchy or firm, low rise or high-waisted and most importantly, they come in EVERY colour. 

ASOS, now £21

Topshop, £38

Boohoo, £25

5. The scarf

You’re running into the supermarket, the gym or you're off to movie night. It’s got to be leggings and your oldest top and nobody is making you change. So out comes the scarf. It's bold, a statememt, warm, snuggly, mmmmm let me go grab mine?

ASOS, £14

Topshop, now £15

What are your 5 staple wardrobe essentials?