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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Birmingham chapter.

You may find it rather surprising that the origins of Mother’s Day can be traced back to ancient times. In ancient Greece they celebrated a spring festival which was dedicated to maternal goddesses and in more recent times, Mother’s day has been celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent. This celebration dates back to the 1600’s, where servants and apprentices were encouraged to visit their mothers and honour them, usually bringing gifts such as fruit cakes and pastries.

However these days a fruit cake probably isn’t going to be enough to keep you out of your Mums bad books. Seeing as the tradition of Mother’s Day spans history, you should maybe start thinking of some ideas for gifts to show your appreciation for all the hard work and time she’s spent on you. After all she’s the person that has listened to all your dramas and stresses for the past two decades!

5 Mother’s Day Treats:

1.       The obvious – Chocolates and flowers. Every girl loves them, no matter how old or young you are. They are the best option if you’re on a budget and a cute message will make your flowers stand out from the rest. 


2.       Anything personalised – If my impression of most middle aged women is correct this always goes down a treat. Personalised gifts give off the appearance that you’ve put a lot more thought into the gift than you actually have – giving major brownie points. This cushion for example, from www.notonthehighstreet.co.uk  is both kitsch and thoughtful. 


3.       Cook her dinner – Take the time off from your busy schedule and show your appreciation for all your Mum does by cooking her a slap up meal. Not only does she get a night off, but you get to show off your culinary expertise. It doesn’t have to be anything particularly fancy, I’m sure she’ll just appreciate the effort you went through. Always remember wine, that way if your food it terrible you at least have something to wash it down with!

4.       Jewellery – if you’re thinking of upping your price range, you could always splash out on a piece of jewellery. Perhaps something your mum has been hinting at, Mother’s Day is the perfect day to show you don’t always completely ignore her when she’s chatting away.

5.       Spa Day – For those who have a big budget, nothing says Happy Mother’s Day more than a trip to the spa. Plus it’s a present you can share – doubling up as a gift for Mum and a gift to forget the stresses of University for you. Who knows there might even be a deal on Groupon to save you some pennies!