A Fool for Old School.

Last Friday night I relived my childhood and watched my all-time favourite film The Parent Trap (1998). I could happily ramble for hours on end about my devastation when I was told Hallie and Annie were played by just one Lindsay Lohan, or how my six-year-old self dreamt of growing up and living in a beautiful white terrace house in Kensington just like Elizabeth James, naturally with a butler too…but that’s for another time. For now I want to turn your attention to the revival of the ‘90s style - How does the The Parent Trap fit into this? Admittedly I went a little off track, so lets re-focus and take a look at the image below.

(Scene 1)

We have here 5 staple '90s trends that will begin our trip down memory lane.

  • The backpack
  • Tie-dye
  • A whole lot of denim
  • Patterned shorts
  • Dungarees (look closely)

…All that’s missing is the Rachel Green haircut!

The ‘90s are back in a BIG way. Their retro trends are dominating not only street-style but they’re being thrust down the catwalks of the most recent New York Fashion Week, showcasing what’s in store for Spring/Summer 2014.

Bold retro jackets are firmly in, repeating the chic trends of Bel-Air’s Hilary Banks.

And ‘90s fashion reinstated the Mod miniskirt that had taken off during the swinging ‘60s.

Bib-style crops epitomised the style of our favourite ‘90s girl groups

…And it’s being revived for Spring 2014 – worn best when teamed with a bold print as shown.

As a mere youngster of the decade, I couldn’t be happier about getting the chance to dress like my childhood icons – and I don’t even need to use sports night as an excuse! 

Be inspired by Saved By The Bell’s Kelly Kapowski

Asos skirt, now £28, Asos top, now £24.50 

River Island oversized denim jacket, £25.00

Or lets get Clueless and admire the likes of fashion icon Cher Horowitz

New Look jacket, £32.99

H&M blouse, £19.99

Asos miniskirt, £20.00

Be not in doubt, ‘90s fashion trends are firmly back, and it’s not just the hippy music festival fan owning it. Raid your mums, aunts, even grandmas wardrobe, in search of those acid wash high waist jeans, oversized flannels and belly revealing tops they were certain would never make a comeback but just could not bear to part with.