Campus Cutie: Josh Hearn

Name    Joshua Hearn

Course    Economics

Year of Study   3rd

Relationship status    It’s complicated (like Avril Lavigne)

What is your favourite night out in Birmingham?   My favourite night out has to be Rainbow, I just love drinking water and getting down to some deep house with my edgy buddies

What are you most likely to be drinking?   I really like a cranberry and vodka to really kick my “BIG” nights off

Do you have a pet nickname?    I’ve only had one pet nickname and that was Mr Squidgeykins given to me by my mum when I was a toddler as I was a chubby funster. My friends still call me it today

What’s your favourite film?    The Notebook – it makes me cry when he holds her hand at the end 

If you could have any super power what would it be?   Superpower, not so much a superpower but I would love world peace, I just don’t like anger. If I could remove all the anger out the world I would as I’m a lover not a fighter ladies.

Who would your ideal date be?    Germaine Greer

Describe yourself in three words…    Foxy, muscular and cute