Budget- Friendly Fashion

My name is Amy and I am an Online Shopping Junkie. 

My ideal night is spent curled up on the couch, Made In Chelsea on the TV (a guilty pleasure), hot chocolate in one hand, laptop in the other, and being given the challenge of finding an outfit, accessory, or pair of shoes for a housemates upcoming do. With this job comes strict instructions; “Stay away from black…It has to go with my new clutch…Nothing too tight this week”, and without fail these three words will follow “Nothing Too Pricey”. As I’m sure you can appreciate, working with a student budget is not always easy. At the start of term your bank balance may look like it can handle fabulous splurges on multiple American Apparel disco pants, Ted Baker dresses and Kurt Geiger shoes, but if you’re a slight shopaholic and want to avoid the devastating point of living off pasta and pre drinking on frosty jacks, then I suggest reading on…We are going to talk budget fashion

Essential to every girls wardrobe are a couple of statement pieces. Those items that aren’t your everyday go-to but can turn jeans and a tee into an outfit. New York’s ‘It girl’ Olivia Palermo has this sussed. 

…And you could too! 

Misguided, £29.99

River Island, £35.00

It doesn’t have to be a jacket that spices up your look; lets take inspiration from the gorgeous Jessica Alba & speak scarfs…

Accessorize, £10.00

Monki at Asos, £15.00

…And as international fashion icon Victoria Beckham shows us, essential to every girl’s street style is her arm candy, and sorry guys -I’m talking handbags. 

New Look at Asos, £15.99

Boohoo.com, £16.00

Zara, £29.99

So embrace your inner shopper, but the next time you are about to press confirm to that online basket totalling your weekly allowance, pause, think, and go chic for cheap with one statement piece that will keep your bank balance looking healthy and have you smiling at the price!