Your 3 Favorite TV Shows Right Now and What Characters Make them Great

Every person has different tastes when it comes to television, but when a show has fantastic characters and a great storyline, it isn’t so difficult to love. There are hundreds of TV shows out there, with thousands of great characters. One of my favorites is Orange is the New Black. A show about a regular, everyday woman, whose past got her stuck in jail, doesn’t exactly have the most normal characters. One of my favorites is Galina “Red” Reznikov. As head chef in the kitchen, she has access to many different items that come in and out of the jail. She doesn’t let this power go to waste and knows how to deal with people and all of their problems. She is great because not only is she the closest thing to a mother figure in the show, but she’s a bad ass at the same time. If you hit her, she’s not afraid to hit you back. Of course, there are quite a few other characters that make the show as great as it is, but Red is definitely the greatest.

Another show that I’m a fan of is the Mindy Project. The character that makes this show absolutely hilarious is Mindy herself. She is not only a badass gynecologist (props to her), but she isn’t afraid to try new things (like a short pixie cut) while dating various types of men (ranging from a reverend to another gynecologist). She is a strong, independent woman who owns who she is. It also amazes me how her outfits are always on point and effortlessly classy. This show has some wacko story lines once in awhile, but who doesn’t like a bit of wacky fun here and there? If you’re in for a good laugh, while also relating to the everyday amazing woman, The Mindy Project is the show for you.

When I’m in the mood to watch something that’ll make me laugh, but also warm my heart I go straight to Modern Family. Each and every character on this show brings something amazing to the Dunphy family, but there are a couple characters that I particularly enjoy more. First off, Phil Dunphy, the main father figure, has to be one of the most hilarious dads to ever be on television. He’s always finding ways to get in his wife or kids way while being hysterically adorable and sweet. You can never get mad at him, even if he does lose his kids bike or embarrass his kids more than you could ever imagine. My other favorite character is Phil’s daughter, Haley. She portrays the everyday teenager/college girl. The one reason I love her is because she makes mistakes, and it all ends up being okay. She gets through her troubles (like getting kicked out of college) with her head up, and still makes it through in one piece. People make mistakes all the time, and it just so happens that I can relate to almost all of hers.