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Why We Love Dylan O’Brien

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Binghamton chapter.

If you haven’t heard of Dylan O’Brien yet, don’t worry. You’re going to be seeing him everywhere in the upcoming months. The 22-year-old actor stars as Stiles Stilinski on MTV’s Teen Wolf, and he has made a name for himself on the big screen in popular movies such as The Internship. In September, he will star as Thomas in the film adaptation of the book The Maze Runner, and I think this role is going to take him from small-screen cutie to big-time movie star.

So, here are some of the reasons why we absolutely cannot get enough of Dylan O’Brien:

1. He loves his fans. How can you not love an actor who cares about his fans? Although Twitter really isn’t Dylan’s thing, he does go on occasionally to tell his fans how much he loves them. Check out this recent tweet of his that just proves his adorableness!

2. He is a totally normal guy. Dylan actually made YouTube videos before becoming an actor. One of his most popular videos show him dancing to an old Spice Girls song before getting caught by his friend. If a guy can rock out to 90s pop music, then we want to join his pack.

3. He is actually friends with the people he works with. We always hear stories about actors who don’t get along with their co-stars, but Dylan is definitely not one of those people. He tweets his fans asking them to support his friends like Will Poulter, and he is best friends with his on-screen BFF Tyler Posey. How cute is that?

4. He loves baseball. We won’t lie: we love a guy who can get down and dirty on the field. Dylan is a huge baseball lover, and his favorite team is taking notice. The Mets recently asked him to come out and throw the first pitch during an upcoming game. Um, we need tickets to see that ASAP.

5. He is probably the best actor on television right now. In season 3B of Teen Wolf, Dylan had to play two characters: Stiles and Void Stiles. He would have to go back and forth between being evil and being the fun, sarcastic Stiles that we know and love. Dylan’s performance during this past season was outstanding, and it’s about time that he started winning some awards for his insane acting chops.