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Why We Are So Excited For The Union Marketplace

As of last week, Binghamton University students are back on the grind of waking up early, trudging through the snow, and hitting the books for the spring semester. However, as the weather seems to get colder, one spot on campus seems to be getting hotter, and that is the new marketplace in the New Union. What’s so exciting about the new marketplace you may ask? After all, it is run by Sodexo, something most students don’t look forward to after six weeks of home-cooked meals, so let’s take a look at what makes this campus hotspot so popular.



In the mood for a sandwich? Hit up NY Street Deli or Sub Connection. Just finished working out at the gym and want a salad? Just go to Garden Toss! Looking for comfort food? The Diner offers burgers, fries, the best ice cream sundaes, and more! If you want to satisfy your craving for more exotic cuisine the marketplace offers options in Italian, Mexican, Chinese, and even Indian! Huevos Rancheros for breakfast anyone? Everyone knows that a good food court offers variety and the Marketplace certainly isn’t lacking in that department. When you don’t want a full meal, you can get a snack from name brand venues including Starbucks and wait for it… RED MANGO! One can only imagine how long that line will be once the warm weather hits Binghamton!



The Marketplace isn’t set up like a typical dining hall, nor is it set up like the food court at your local mall. The atmosphere of the Marketplace offers an area for everyone. There are regular seating options for those students who don’t necessarily want to linger too long but still want to grab a bite with friends between classes. There’s lounge seating for those who want to simply relax in a comfortable chair by the window and do work for a little bit, and then there’s booth-seating in the back for those who want to stay the day and do work, grab food in-between doing homework and hang out with friends. All booths even have outlets for those who plan on being there long enough that they’re going to need to charge their devices throughout the day. So whether you’re on the go or looking for a place to do work over the weekend, the Marketplace offers a comfortable atmosphere for everyone.


It’s Only Going to Get Better From Here

Last week when students were first trying out their different options there was a lot of critique. We all heard from someone that there was too much dressing on their Garden Toss salad, or the guacamole at Wholly Habaneros was frozen, or they didn’t like the fact that you couldn’t custom-order a sandwich at NY Street Deli. However, in just two weeks students have already noticed improvements in the food quality at the Marketplace and with time comes wisdom, and students are looking forward to things at the Marketplace only getting better because with things like the “create your own pasta” at Pandini’s, hopes are high for the future.

Samantha Wieder is a senior at Binghamton University. She's majoring in English Rhetoric and minoring in Cinema. Heavily involved in campus, she's proud to be part of BTV, Binghamton's student run television station, as production manager on e-board. She's also a member of the Marketing Association, staff writer for Pipe Dream Release, and a sister of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi. During the summer of 2014, she was an Editorial Intern at Long Island Pulse Magazine in Patchogue, NY and during the summer of 2015, she was a Marketing and Communications Intern at Hazon, a Jewish non-profit in the Financial District. She looks forward to interning at FOX 40 in Binghamton during the spring 2016 semester and to begin a career in New York City for post-grad life. She looks forward to another incredible year of writing for Her Campus!
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