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What to Do on the Weekends When It’s Just Too Cold Out.

So obviously you’re aware of the current weather situation. No need to explain how every morning you probably wake up, check the weather, and then let out an oh-so-faint sigh of despair. Gone are the days of wearing cute outfits and stylish shoes. Now my daily looks consists of bland shades of black and grey. Sweatpants, tights and leggings have become a necessity not a lazy day option. And I’ve exhausted all of my sweaters (even the ones I vowed I’d never wear).

My morning routine before I head out is now, Phone? Check. Keys? Check. Hat, gloves, scarf and back up scarf? Check, check and double check. My days always involve mapping out the most efficient route to and from class, around campus and back to my apartment, by avoiding the cold and the snow at all costs.

What’s most upsetting, is how absolutely boring winter weather can be. The thought of going outside for more than an hour brings me chills (pun intended) and no one really wants to go anywhere.  After exhausting my Netflix cue, I knew I needed to get up and get out. So, I decided to have my very own Treat Yo’ Self Day.

For fans of the NBC show Parks and Rec, you already know exactly what Treat Yo’ Self day is. But if not, you’re in for unarguably one of the best days of the year besides your birthday and Christmas.

Treat Yo’ Self day is whatever you want it to be, but the most important rule is that you’re putting yourself first and making yourself happy.

For me this meant hopping on the bus and going to all my favorite stores for some quality retail therapy. February is always the best time to go shopping because all the winter items are on clearance and you can always find great deals. While I was shopping, I picked up my favorite beauty produces from Bath and Body works and snagged some new dresses from Banana Republic to add to my ever-growing collection of workplace ready clothing.

Part two was the at home spa day. It doesn’t matter what the weather or season is I always love a good Mani/Pedi. Even if my feet are covered in heavy boots and layers of socks, it’s always fun to take off your shoes and see some well-dressed toes.

For me, no Treat Yo’ Self day would be complete without a well-made meal. I took to Pinterest and found a quick and easy recipe for baked Cod fish and then for dessert I took made some downright delicious caramel and walnut brownies.

In the wintertime, your options can be limited if being outdoors isn’t really your thing, but you can still find your happy and have an amazing Treat Yo’ Self day regardless of what the thermometer says. Everyone needs a little me time now and then, so why not go all out and indulge a little. 

Shavonna Q. Hinton
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