What Are Your Summer Plans?

After weeks of phone calls, Skype interviews, and numerous emails I luckily was able to accept a marketing internship position with Guinness World Records in New York City for this summer! While I would love to spend my days lying in the sun  (with loads of sunscreen of course), my future endeavors require that I gain experience in the business world before graduation. My dream has always been to work in the city and this luckily is bringing me one step closer to that. The office is in Midtown and I am beyond excited to not just work there, but to experience the commuter lifestyle (but also there’s so much food options so that’s a plus too).  Even after work is over there are happy hours, Broadway shows, performances, and so much more to keep me busy.

While interning is great experience, I am also happy that it is a part-time position and will be working 3/5 weekdays. I want to still have time this summer to go down to the shore, catch up on any and every show I’ve forgotten about these last 4 months, and eat all the amazing food summer has to offer before I really have to dig deep and get into the real-life working world. With multiple festivals and Smorgasburg every weekend (one of my favorite things to go to in the city by the way), I am truly ready to make this summer the best one yet. This is my last time to really relax before reality hits, and I plan on getting the most out of it. 

Wednesday thru Friday I’m excited to wake up early, get to the bus stop, grab my caramel iced coffee and head down to the Guinness office. This has been my goal for a while and I couldn’t be more thrilled to actually be working in the best city in the world. But, when I’m not doing the whole “working city girl” routine, you can surely find me in any food providing area or chilling on my couch with my two favorite cats.  I don’t think I’ve been this excited about summer since my first time going to summer camp, but I definitely cannot wait to start this experience.