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Registering for classes is always a stressful experience. However, Binghamton offers so many cool and unique courses with amazing, well-recognized professors. After talking to friends who are majoring in various subjects, I compiled a list of some of the best professors and courses at Binghamton University.

  1. Ryan Vaughn – TV & American Humor – ENG 200N, American Humor – ENG 200R
  2. Ann Merriwether – Intro to Human Development – HDEV 200
  3. Gerald Loy – Business Law – BLS 111
  4. Elizabeth Signorotti – Children’s Literature – ENG 280P
  5. David Archer – Teaching, Learning & Schooling – EDUC 406
  6. John Fletcher – Taekwondo – HWS 110, Physical Fitness & Wellness – HWS 211
  7. Alvin Vos – Shakespeare – ENG 245, Writing 111 – WRIT 111
  8. Orly Shoer – Hebrew II – HEBR 102, Intermediate Hebrew – HEBR 204, Texts and Conversation II – HEBR 312
  9. Kevin Hatch – Introduction to Art History – ARTH 111
  10. Robert Holahan – Introduction to Environmental Policy – ENVI 230

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