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Things To Do Outside on Campus When it’s Warm

Happy Spring everyone! The changing season brings out a new, refreshed attitude among the students here in Binghamton. Say goodbye to dull gray skies and say hello to sunshine everywhere. With the new weather, more students would prefer to spend time outside rather than stay inside. Here are some options for student’s to do outside on the days that the weather is actually nice!

Study Outside: Are you sad studying indoors? Are you jealous of everyone hanging outside on a nice day? You can easily join your friends and still study by doing it outside. What’s so nice about Binghamton’s campus is that there are many locations to find a nice grassy spot to do work. Whether it’s in your community or in the middle of the brain, there is definitely a place to do work outside on a sunny day!

Walk Through the Nature Preserve: Attending Binghamton, we are really lucky to be living in a more natural setting rather than in a city. In the woods on campus there is a nature preserve in which anyone can walk through. It’s a great way to get active, but not be too intense while still being outside. This is an activity that is super fun when doing it with friends and you can definitely experience the great outdoors.

Tan: If it’s a really warm day, which doesn’t happen often in Binghamton, take advantage of it! There are plenty of places on campus where you can lay a towel down and catch some rays. Although the sun may bring excitement for you to go all out in tanning, apply sunscreen first. You don’t want to be that person who looks like a lobster.

Run Outside: With the warmer weather approaching it’s a perfect time to get back into shape to get bikini body ready for the summer. Many students prefer to work out in the gym, but running outside can be just as beneficial if not better. The fresh air can make working out even more worthwhile! Run with a friend! As well, changing scenery when working out and having a friend to accompany you makes working out less of a chore and actually fun!

Melissa is a sophomore at Binghamton University. She is from Scarsdale, NY. She getting a dual degree in English Rhetoric and Human Development. She loves fashion, writing, and social media. Since joining the Her Campus she has interned at two magazines, CollegeFashionista.com and Paper Magazine in NYC. She currently is the Vice President of the sorority Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi. She is looking forward to making the next step in her HC journey from Staff Writer to Campus Correspondent.
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