Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas


Do you celebrate Thanksgiving in your pajamas, or do you go to a big, family dinner? Whatever the case, we want to give you some ideas for the perfect Thanksgiving outfit for any occasion.


A great pair of dark denim jeans is a must for a casual Thanksgiving look. Pair your jeans with a cream, orange, brown, or burgundy sweater to really go along with the holiday spirit. Throw on your favorite brown boots and a cute gold necklace, and you’re good to go.


If you celebrate Thanksgiving with a big family dinner, try dressing up your outfit a bit for the occasion. Wear a long-sleeved black shirt tucked into a wine colored skater skirt. Add a pair of funky tights to keep your legs warm, then chuck on some cute black boots. You’ll steal the show with your dressier look that will make your cousins wish they had your fashion sense.


Sometimes our Thanksgiving dinners get extremely formal, so we need to be prepared for any fashion situation. Try out a brown, lace dress for a sophisticated feel to your look. Wear nude flats or heels depending on which you are more comfortable in. Add simple jewelry to give the look a little more life, and you’ll be Thanksgiving perfect.