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The one thing every year that gets me excited for spring is that it starts getting dark later! Instead of being dark by 4pm everyday, the sun is finally starting to set around 7pm! Everyday is getting longer and longer and warmer and warmer (and hopefully staying warmer).


After surviving the harshest winters, Spring at Bing is very much deserved! Once the sun starts coming out, so do the people. One of the best feelings is when you walk through campus and pass by people studying in the grass or playing frisbee by Bartle.


Spring at Bing is probably the best and most appreciated here than anywhere else. I was trying to think of a quote that explained why we appreciate Spring so much more than just the average student, and the only saying I could come up with was “To appreciate the sun, you gotta know what rain is” which just so happens to be a J. Cole song lyric. In Binghamton we know all too well what rain is (and snow, and hail, and every thing in between!).

As we get further into March and are taking our midterms, we just have to keep in mind that every day is another day closer to Spring !☼❀

Nicole is a Sophomore at Binghamton University who intends on studying Psychology and Linguistics. She hopes that readers enjoy reading her articles as much as she enjoys writing them.
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