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Snapshot: Halloween 2014


Even though I didn’t celebrate Halloween as a kid, it’s very quickly grown to become my favorite holiday. It’s the one day in the year where the expectations are to just have fun and be creative. Thanksgiving usually involves hours of tolling in the kitchen in my house, during Christmas there’s gifts, for Valentine’s Day lots of money is expected to be spent, but Halloween is all about you! You can be what you want and plus there’s candy and who doesn’t like that. 

Every year I try my hardest to come up with something creative and unique, last year I was Trinidad James and the year before that I was 2 Chainz, my freshman year of high school I dressed up as Facebook (back when it was still new and cool). But this year I chose to be a little more feminine and dress up as one of the most boss babes on the planet: Olivia Pope.  For those who watch the ABC TV show Scandal, Olivia Pope needs no explanation. She basically runs the lives of the US government elites and saves them from landing on the front page of the gossip tabloids and other disasterous scandals. But the best part is, she does it all while looking flawless rocking white pantsuits each and every episode. Olivia is a straight up boss so what a better costume to have on Halloween than channel my inner boss babe and be Olivia Pope for a day. 

Shavonna Q. Hinton
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