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Santa Hats for SantaCon

SantaCon is tomorrow which means it’s time to bust out the holiday wear and get rock a mean Santa hat. Buying a store bought hat is so basic; all the best SantaCon costumes are homemade. But do you have the artistic skills that of a six year old? No worries. Here you’ll find the easiest Santa Hat directions you’ll ever need. So channel your inner Pinterest Diva and get to crafting.

You can get red and white felt from AC Moore or JoAnne Fabrics for less than $3. You’ll probably need about 2 or 3 squares of red felt and one white square. Simply measure the length you’ll need around your head and cut the red squares into symmetrical triangles. You can use felt glue or a few stiches with a needle (if you’re sewing inclined) to piece it into a hat shape. Wrap some white felt around the bottom of the hat and add any other designs you might feel are necessary. Finish it off with a few cotton balls or other fluffy materials to polish the top and voila, you’ve got yourself a one of a kind, uniquely designed SantaCon hat.

Now get out there and wreak some pre-finals turn up havoc. But just don’t turn up too much. Bio 111 is not a final to be taken while still handling a weekend of hard partying. 

Shavonna Q. Hinton
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