Restaurant Week is Here!!!

Any smart Binghamton University student knows that the best week of the entire year is this one: Restaurant Week.

If you’re new and have no idea what Restaurant Week is, here’s the low down.

 It’s actually a little over a week where all of the local restaurants set up special menus for lunch and dinner where you get 2-3 courses for $10 (for lunch) or $25 or less (for dinner). It’s a cheap way to get some great food and try out the restaurants you normally wouldn’t go to -- I mean, face it, not many of us really go to eat off campus at the local restaurants.

There are so many menus to check out this week. Anything from a beer or wine appetizer at Water Street’s Brewing Co. to an apple crisp dessert from local favorite, Number 5, there’s something to tickle anyone’s fancy. And with a laundry list of restaurants like Sake-Tumi, Thai Time, Cyber Café West and Crepe Heaven, who wouldn’t want to take advantage of this week.

But here’s the best part, Restaurant Week’s mission is to not only introduce students and members of the community to some amazing food, but also to raise money for charity. Every business participating in Restaurant Week gives a portion of their proceeds to Chow!

So, you only have until September 27th to take advantage of this great event. We promise that you’ve never had food as good as what you’ll get from some of the restaurants on the list. So get your friends, find someone with a car and take full advantage of the best week in Binghamton.