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To Parade or not to Parade?


Shakespeare once said “to parade or not to parade?” Alright, maybe he didn’t quite say it like that, but if he were a Binghamton student today, I’d like to imagine that he would. Saturday is the one day of the spring semester that everyone has been waiting for- the one and only Parade Day. The day where the streets of State Street will be jammed pack with Binghamton residents, firefighters, police officers, families, and of course students. Everyone will be decked out in green and whether Irish or not, everyone will feel the St. Patrick’s Day pride. While the large majority of students are planning on joining in on the festivities that Parade Day has to offer, many opt out of the celebration and Her Campus is here to tell you why despite a wide array of reasons people come up with to not go, that you should in fact, go to Parade Day.


Reason 1: It’s cold outside.

We all know how brutal Binghamton winter weather can be and this winter has been one of the worst ones yet, but you’re not going to go to Parade Day all because it’s cold outside? If you’re concerned that you’re going to be cold, remember that you can easily bundle up! Make sure to wear layers such as long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, winter coats and even bring along scarves, hats, gloves and anything else that will help keep you warm. Wear a pair of leggings underneath a pair of jeans and wear heavy socks with a pair of boots! When you get to a party or go to the bars, there will definitely be a place to put your coat down, and I guarantee you that others will be doing the same thing too!


Reason 2: I don’t own green clothing.

Luckily for Binghamton students, we go to a school where the colors are green and white so if you’re in need of a last minute shirt or sweatshirt, stop by the bookstore in the Union! They open at 12 p.m. on Parade Day so be sure to stop by before you head downtown if you need to make a quick purchase. Stores like Walmart also sell Binghamton gear and other green articles of clothing at an inexpensive price and store such as Five Below carry cute things such as green necklaces and tattoos to help you get into the green spirit. 



Reason 3: It’s going to be expensive.

This is true, parade day expenses can add up. Between paying for cab rides to go downtown, cover charges to get into bars, and often times grabbing a bite to eat downtown, it can all add up. However, if you’re looking to be a little more thrifty there’s a couple ways you can go about doing so. First off, take a bus instead of a cab. While the bus will definitely be crowded, it is a feasible option and they will be running all day. If you want to party without having to pay, walk around downtown (with friends of course) and go frat houses because most if not all of them will be having parties all day. If paying cover charges at bars is your problem, pick one or two bars to go to and don’t leave them too soon. This way you won’t have to pay cover charges for at least 5 different bars and you can still enjoy going to the bars.



Reason 4: I just don’t want to go.

Why not? Parade Day is the one day during the spring semester where everyone can come and participate in at least some of the festivities whether it be going to a frat party, watching the parade, hanging out on State Street, or going to the bars. The best part is Parade Day lasts all day. Many students begin the celebration at around 9 a.m. and go until the end of the night, so if you have other committments during the day or at night, it’s okay because you can celebrate at any time and the festivities will be in full swing. There aren’t any days where you can dress up in all green gear and go downtown with your friends and spend the entire day with the rest of the campus. So get your green ready, get your camera ready for pictures, and get ready to have fun!


Samantha Wieder is a senior at Binghamton University. She's majoring in English Rhetoric and minoring in Cinema. Heavily involved in campus, she's proud to be part of BTV, Binghamton's student run television station, as production manager on e-board. She's also a member of the Marketing Association, staff writer for Pipe Dream Release, and a sister of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi. During the summer of 2014, she was an Editorial Intern at Long Island Pulse Magazine in Patchogue, NY and during the summer of 2015, she was a Marketing and Communications Intern at Hazon, a Jewish non-profit in the Financial District. She looks forward to interning at FOX 40 in Binghamton during the spring 2016 semester and to begin a career in New York City for post-grad life. She looks forward to another incredible year of writing for Her Campus!
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