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The Official Ranking of the Marketplace

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Binghamton chapter.

Since it’s grand opening in the beginning of the spring semester, the Marketplace has been the hot spot on campus! This place offers a variety of dining options as well as areas to do work and hang with friends. You can see students constantly going in and out of the MP all day long; it’s truly the hub of campus. Here is the official ranking of the food stations at the MP.

#12 Wholly Habaneras: The Mexican station of the MP was a real hit in the beginning of the semester, however as time has gone on, it has lost its popularity among students. It will never live up to Chipotle standards.

#11 C- Store: This is a great place if you need to pick up a quick little snack. There are granola bars, cereal, nuts, candy, and chips. It’s the typical college convenience store.

#10 Mein Bowl: This was a popular station among students for a while. It’s just like the Chinese station in the food court at your mall.

#9 NY Style Deli: The deli is very similar to the deli counter at the dining hall so it’s not a huge novelty at the marketplace.

#8 Café Spice: This station is the underdog of the marketplace. I haven’t heard much about it, however what I have heard are great reviews of it. This place is a vegetarian’s delight according to many students.

#7 Starbucks: The Starbucks at the MP is a great place to get coffee and other beverages. The downside to Starbucks is that it lacks all the options that a normal Starbucks would have. The Starbucks is great for students who are studying in the library or other location on campus late and need a cup of coffee!

#6 Garden Toss: The salad place offers many options that cannot be found at the dining hall, however it still is lacking. This place has so much potential. A lot of people still go here to get a quick salad, but to be honest the salads at the dining hall are better and much cheaper.

#5 Diner Grill: Although the diner’s menu is limited, the food there is pretty good for it being campus cuisine. The only downfall to this place is that there really isn’t a vegetarian option for those animal lovers out there!

#4 Breakfast Station: The breakfast station, which used to be the international station, is a great hit! This place offers insanely good pancakes and omelets as well as home fries. This is a personal fave of mine because it allows you to have breakfast anytime of the day!

#3 Sub Connection: This is Subway’s doppleganger; this place looks like it and the food tastes just like it. They provide the 6-inch sub as well as the 12-inch. This station is very popular during lunchtime.

#2 Red Mango: This is the closest thing to fro-yo on campus. They also have smoothies, which is a bonus. It’s the perfect place to satisfy your sweet craving!

#1 Pandinis: This place is top notch for campus food. There is pasta and pizza, what more could a college student ask for? You can choose a specific kind of pizza or pasta or you can create your own. The line is definitely worth standing in. 

Melissa is a sophomore at Binghamton University. She is from Scarsdale, NY. She getting a dual degree in English Rhetoric and Human Development. She loves fashion, writing, and social media. Since joining the Her Campus she has interned at two magazines, CollegeFashionista.com and Paper Magazine in NYC. She currently is the Vice President of the sorority Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi. She is looking forward to making the next step in her HC journey from Staff Writer to Campus Correspondent.
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