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My Top 3 Favorite Secret Places to do Work on Campus and Why They are the Best

Binghamton University has a pretty large campus, but sometimes it doesn’t feel large enough. One of the first things you have to do when you come to college is find your special study spot. This may sound simple at first, but when you really try to find a good place that isn’t always crowded like Bartle, things get a little tricky.

I luckily have found a few good areas that help me get my work done efficiently and in a comfortable setting. One of my favorite places is actually the room with couches on the second floor of C4. First off, this isn’t the place for you if you need 100% quiet. I’ll get to that spot in a minute, but if you don’t mind a few noises here and there this is the spot for you. If sound does bother you though, bring some headphones and jam to some relaxing John Mayer songs. Not only is this spot extremely comfortable with lovely couch seating, but also there are open windows for sunlight to come in and brighten up your study session. And, if you get tired, the dining hall is right below you so don’t be shy and grab a cup of coffee. 

My next secret study spot is the CIW Library. This is a quiet setting and there’s also a range of seating from regular desks and chairs to comfortable couchy areas. Another perk of this spot is that it is in CIW, which is the middle community so if you ever need to meet up with people from various communities this is a great central location. Last, but not least is the underrated SOM Lounge. It may sound intimidating, but this area in Academic A is not limited to just SOM students. Anyone can venture there and study to their heart’s desire. And, because not everyone knows about this spot, it isn’t always jam-packed. This is also a great spot if you ever need to do group work because of the large tables available in the room. It takes time, but it is possible to find the right spot for you. 

Elyse Aufrichtig is a senior at Binghamton University. She's majoring in Management with a concentration in Marketing and minoring in Global Studies. She has a passion for communications and social media. When she's not writing for Her Campus, she's working on a project for the Marketing Association, working with her sorority sisters (Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi) as Vice President or just simply spending time with her friends and looking for her next Instagram picture. She enjoys traveling, writing, taking photos, social media, crafting, or just grabbing a cup of coffee. She just came back from a semester abroad in Rome and can't wait to return one day. In the future, Elyse hopes to spend lots of time traveling the world and meeting tons of new people. If you're interested in following her, you can find her on Twitter @rELYSEd and Instagram @elyse.aufrichtig.
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