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My Study Abroad Expectations

I am studying abroad next semester, on Binghamton’s Semester in London Program. And I couldn’t be more excited, or more terrified. I think the main thing is to not have too strict of expectations for my time abroad and to just go with the flow. But I do have a couple of things that are on my must do list. The following are the experiences or lessons I hope to gain from my time in London!


1) A Broadened Perspective

My number one reason for studying abroad and my most fervent hope is that I learn something about myself or the world that I wouldn’t have been able to learn if I had stayed in Binghamton. After all, isn’t that the point of traveling? To remove yourself from your comfort zone and discover yourself in the process.


2. Learn how to use the “tube” or the London Underground

Speaking as someone who has no idea how to navigate the ground floor of the library or “the Binghamton Underground”, I would be really proud of myself if I could get a firm grasp on how to successully transport myself from one place to another.


3) Go on both the Harry Potter tour of London as well as the Sherlock tour

Because, obviously.


4) Forge life long friendships with locals I meet at a pub

This one may or may not be a little far fetched. Ok fine it is. But a girl can dream.



This one is definitely the most important! I want to just enjoy myself and take it all in and allow myself to be open to new things, people and experiences!


She was the Binghamton University Campus Correspondent Spring 2015-Spring 2016. She started writing for Her Campus second semester Freshman year and has loved it ever since! She is now a Binghamton University graduate with a degree in English and minor in History. She is an enthusiastic writer and reader, obsessed with social media, traveling, and ending misogyny. Her two great loves are Harry Potter marathons and sampling cheese. She is excited by the prospect of new challenges and can't wait to dive in and get her hands dirty.
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