Mother's Day: 8 Signs You & Your Mom Are Basically the Same Person

1.You think it’s your voice on the answering machine

Whether its the way her voice sounds or the fact that you say the exact same thing on your voicemail. You thought it was you and you're seriously freaked out.


2. People tell you all the time how similar you are

You hear this from people all the time. ALL THE TIME.


3. Your grandparents accidentally call you her name

Bonus points if they don't correct themselves or notice that they called you the wrong name.


4. You ALWAYS team up on the rest of your family on where/what to eat for dinner

...and majority always wins


5. One of you always comes up with the word that the other one is forgetting

This also extends to names, movies, and just about anything else you can forget


6. You know something will make her cry because it made you cry

You also know that seeing her cry will make you cry EVERY TIME. It's impossible to avoid.


7. Your humor is the same

She laughed at that joke you made when you thought you would just be left laughing at yourself.


8. You agree on ALMOST everything

99.99% of the time you'll agree, unless it involves chores, clothes, anything involving taking on more responsibility... okay so definitely not almost everything but there's definitely something you agree on! I mean, COME ON you're basically the same person!