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Molly Sigel

1.) Year: Junior

2.) Major: Human development, minor in Judaic Studies

3.) Three words to describe yourself: Happy, optimistic, positive

4.) Dream career: To help make the Jewish community more accessible to people with special needs and their families through the non-profit world 

5.) Biggest accomplishment: Last summer, I helped to teach a girl with special needs how to swim by engaging her peers.

6.) Biggest pet peeve: When people touch my things without permission!

7.) Favorite Binghamton memory: Everything I’ve done as been memorable! (Don’t have one…too many to choose from)

8.) Favorite hobby: Finding the coolest and trendiest playlists on 8tracks.com

9.) Hometown: Oak park, CA

10.) Favorite TV show: Girls (until it freaked me out…) MY FAVE MOVIE THOUGH IS PRINCESS DIARIES


Sharon Smilovich is a sophomore at Binghamton University. She is from Great Neck, NY. She is very excited to join the Her Campus team, as this is her first opportunity to express herself through writing.
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