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Mid Semester Blues and Coping Skills

As midterms come around, we walk around all day like zombies, weighed down with stress and studying. It doesn’t help that the weather is negative 5 degrees everyday either. This feeling of homesickness, nostalgia, and general blahness is referred to by many as the mid semester blues. Here I have a few tips on how to get out and about, bring some joy back into your life, and enjoy the simple pleasures that you may never have experienced before.

1. The Humane Society! Visit the Broome County Humane Society. It’s literally so fun- there are cats that you can go right in and pet and there are dogs that you can visit and look at from outside the cages. If you want to get a more personal look, volunteer: they’re always looking for dog walkers and cat socializers. Sitting in a room full of cats playing with string and looking for cuddles, while simultaneously building up your community service on your resume? I can’t think of anything better. This will substantially reduce your stress- animals are proven methods of therapy and known to cheer everyone up.

2. Travel downtown. Go places- get off campus, see the restaurants, pubs, and people. Surround yourself with new people. Everyone has their own personal story, character, and influence on your life and being around them can change your entire view- it could even motivate you. Just come back to campus in time to go to your classes!

3. Think about spring break. Got any big plans for break? Better yet, got plans to go on multiple, repeated dates with yur bed and Ben & Jerry’s? Look forward to that. One month from now, probably everything stressing you our right now will be taken care of. You can get through this. You’ve done it before!

Just remember you’re going to be absolutely fine. Mid semester blues happen to everyone; even if some are better at hiding it than others. Study your booty off, and check out my midterm tips from last week! I’m sure you’re gonna rock it.

Pranjal is part of the chapter team at Her Campus; she is a freshman studying Philosophy, Politics, and Law at Binghamton University. When not dorming at school, she resides in Albany, which is upstate to everyone who lives in New York City but not actually that upstate. When Pranjal has down time, she enjoys watching One Tree Hill and The Office. She eats a lot of ice cream. She's also very obsessed with dogs- if there is a dog, she's petting it. Her dream is to be a lawyer living the American Dream in a state with a year-round warm sunny climate. If you want to hear more- follow her twitter @pranjjjpatel !
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