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Meet the Editors: News, Amanda Gurock

We’re welcoming Amanda Gurock to the editing team here at Her Campus. She’s a sophomore at Binghamton University and intends to major in English with a concentration in rhetoric. Amanda has always loved writing, whether she was writing a short story or a song. Her love of the media brought her into the realm of journalism, and she wants to have a career in the entertainment business as a writer. As the editor of the News section, Amanda is able to combine her love of writing with her love of all things dealing with entertainment, fashion, and campus news.

This is Amanda’s first position as an editor on an online website. She has written for Pink and Black Magazine and currently contributes to a site called Sarah Scoop. The editor’s position means so much to her and allows her to take on a responsibility that she has never had before. Amanda wants her section of the site to be informative and helpful, providing readers with diverse topics such as news about things happening on campus as well as tips on how to change up your hairstyle for everyday of the week. She would love to see the site take off as a go-to website that everyone checks regularly!

“I really feel like the whole Her Campus team can bring the site to a new level this semester. If we all put our creative heads together, we can make the site super popular,” she tells us.

When she isn’t thinking about her next article, Amanda is probably thinking about the next song that she can turn into a rap about MTV’s hit show “Teen Wolf.” Along with her best friend Kaiti, Amanda makes YouTube videos where she raps about anything “Teen Wolf” related. Their videos have been coming out for a little over a year now, and so many cool things have happened because of them. MTV sent the pair to the set of the show in Atlanta to film a video with the cast, and they’ve even hung out with some of the cast members when they visited New York. Amanda hopes that these rap videos help her venture off into the entertainment industry!

Amanda is looking forward to the rest of the first semester as well as second semester as an editor for Her Campus here at Binghamton. She is so excited to work with other writers who are interested in the same things as her, and she feels that she is ready to take on the responsibility of being an editor. We can’t wait to see what the News section will bring us this year with Amanda on board!


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