Meet the Editors: In-Chief, Carmen Rey

Those of you who have been our readers for a while will most likely recognize our Editor-in-Chief this year. Carmen Rey was our Campus Celebrities editor last year and after a semester abroad, she’s back and ready to take Her Campus Binghamton to new and great heights.

“I was studying abroad in London last semester when I got an email from Lauren, one of our campus correspondents last year, asking if I wanted to take up the position,” Carmen said, commenting that she was ecstatic they even thought of her.

She’s been planning all summer for great ways to spread the influence of Her Campus on the Binghamton campus.

“Most people still aren’t aware of who we are, so we need to change that.”

Already she’s helped advertise for the Black Student Union’s annual fashion show and is working with them to plan an event for later this semester. She’s also planning things from parties with sororities to fundraisers for charities. Her goal for the year is to show that although the Binghamton’ Her Campus team may be small, they are still a force to be reckoned with.

This year Rey is a senior with more world experience and the drive to get things done. On top of working a part-time job, attempting to finish school and applying for grad schools, she’s made Her Campus her top priority.

Carmen most definitely knows how to be fun!“I want my legacy with the Her Campus team to be that I was the one who made us a go-to media source on campus. Raven and Lauren were our founders and will always be known as such and I want to go down as having done good things for the site as well.”

More than anything else, she wants to share her fun and outgoing personality with Her Campus Binghamton, to make the site some place people want to hang out during their study breaks.

"I spend all my free time on Tumblr and Youtube," Rey said. "I want our site to be as addicting as my go-tos."

Of course, anyone can talk big, but our new president is definitely trying to make her talk into action. This weekend she's taking one of her editors to an event in NYC and is hoping to make a trip northward to Cortland for an interview next weekend too. So it seems that this new president's newest act while in office is to take HC Bing off of the internet and into the real world.

So with our new campus correspondent being such a do-er, we advise you now that you should keep an eye on our facebook, twitter and especially on the site for new and exciting things coming up in the year to come.