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Introducing the New Editors: Carmen-Mariah Rey

As the spring semester comes to an end, many groups on campus are finding new leaders for the 2011-2012 school year. Even the staff at Her Campus is prone to such changes.
Next year, Her Campus Binghamton will be welcoming four new editors, among which is sophomore English major, Carmen-Mariah Rey.
Rey is a transfer student who spent her first year at Binghamton as an exchange student through the National Student Exchange program from Ohio’s Kent State University.
“It was a really interesting and cool way to get to know the campus and find what I wanted to do here, and I’m happy that I decided to make Binghamton my home for the next two years,” Rey said.
Rey went to a small all-girl’s high school in Akron, Ohio and then went to KSU for her freshman year of college, before coming to Binghamton University. After a year on exchange, Rey decided to both join the official student body here at BU and become the profiles editor for Her Campus Binghamton.
“When I was thinking about it, I figured that I knew enough people on campus who were making differences, and I hope to meet so many more in the upcoming years, so why not show how awesome this campus is by showing those people?”
In her first year on campus, Rey was able to meet people from all different groups, from the school radio station to the Christian groups, IV and BASIC, to Hillel and Wind Ensemble and club sports. She hopes to dip into those connections to make next year’s Campus Celebrities section diverse and hopefully demonstrate just how great BU’s campus is.
“If someone goes to our Celebs page and says ‘oh hey, I saw that they’ve got this really cool group helping out with kids. I think I want to do that.’ Then I’ve done my job right.”
The thing that Rey found different and compelling about Binghamton is how the entire campus seems to be almost student run. From being able to get involved with SA or the RAs and leaders on campus who have different panels for people to participate in, it doesn’t seem like there’s a single place on campus that students can’t get involved.
She hopes that by showing the people who help make the campus work, Rey can also help show others on campus how to get involved in things.
“I’d love to show not only what the ladies are doing on campus, but what everyone’s doing. From people who work with Safe Zone to other media groups on campus, like WHRW. I want to show just how diverse Binghamton University’s student body is.”

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