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How to Survive Without Bread on Passover

Passover is that time of year where we have to survive without bread. Although this seems pretty much impossible it is totally possible to survive and even enjoy Passover.

1.) Who doesn’t love matzah? Matzah is everyone’s guilty pleasure. It is the best substitute for bread! To make it even more tasteful, try adding cream cheese, butter, or even Nutella spread! You can put anything that you would normally put on a slice of bread!

2.) Cut those carbs!: Passover is a great time to have a carbs detox. Of course we all need carbs, but it is healthy to avoid the extra calories of bread during Passover. So if you are looking to shed some pounds just in time for bikini season, Passover time can help you do just that!

3.) Clean your house: Getting rid of everything that you can’t eat on Passover in your house is the way to go. If it is not there, then there is no temptation! Whether you intensely clean your house or just clear our your cupboard, getting rid of bread will make surviving Passover much easier!

Sharon Smilovich is a sophomore at Binghamton University. She is from Great Neck, NY. She is very excited to join the Her Campus team, as this is her first opportunity to express herself through writing.
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