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How to Spend Spring Break on Long Island

1. Go for a nice run around that “weird Indian named” neighborhood that no one at Binghamton can pronounce whether it be Hauppauge, Commack, Massapequa or Ronkonkoma.


2. Go for a walk around a local preserve or forest… Perhaps the Avalon Nature preserve in Stony Brook? (followed by Crazy Beans, of course)


3. Take a nice walk along Robert Moses or Jones Beach! Ask a parent or sibling to join you to have some quality bonding time. Maybe catch up a little bit?


4. Go see a movie: Beauty and The Beast perhaps?


5. Spend some time with your family (because let’s be real you probably only call them once a week.. if that)


6. Go to your grandparents house! The food will be much better there than here at Binghamton, that’s for sure.


7. Have a Netflix binge: How I Met Your Mother, Friends, and HTGAWM are all good options!


8. Spend some time with your friends from home.


9. Catch up on some sleep (we all need it… especially after midterms)


10. Spend some time with your dog (or cat.. or chicken.. or horse.. really just whatever you choose)!!



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