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How I’m Spending My (Much Needed) Spring Break

It is FINALLY (almost) spring break. And I, just like every single other student at Bing right now, have just about nothing else on my mind! I am so excited for spring break and as much as we (I) complained about it being so late there is an upside! I think it’s really nice to be home for the holidays whether you are hunting for eggs or looking for the afikoman this will be a spring break to remember! My plans unfortunately aren’t going all Spring Breakers on a cruise or a Caribbean island somewhere but I am still looking forward to spending my spring break with family, friends and by shopping, and most importantly eating some really good food.


I am visiting one of my best home friends at Sacred Heart University the first weekend of Spring Break! I am so excited not only to see her because we haven’t seen each other in like two months but also to finally visit a friend at their school! She visited me twice last year so it is about time I return the favor! I’m so excited to see what another school is like and meet all of her friends. Not only will I be getting to see what another school is like but it is the perfect weekend for me to go up to visit her because they are having their Spring Concert and it’s Steve Aoki! I literally am so excited because I’m honestly not the biggest fan of Matt and Kim (sorry not sorry to Spring Fling) and I can’t wait to go to a school concert that has a band people actually are excited to see! It’s gonna be a great weekend! Another friend is meeting us there later so I’ll have some company on the way home! I love road trips! I may or may not blast Blake Shelton the entire way there and back #noapologies #ilovecountry. And then when I get back since no other school is off when we are I’ll have a lot of time to spend with my family!


I gotta say I’m with Didi Pickles on this one! I love Passover! It starts Monday of break so that means Seder time! I am really excited to spend some time with my parents and especially my older brother and his girlfriend (who is basically family) because they live in Hoboken and they don’t come home that often, I usually have to go to them (but it’s not that bad because Hoboken is awesome! Brunch at the Stewed Cow anyone?) so passover is a great way to force them to come home! My family does a really small Sedar and I usually lead because I am the only one that really cares. Everyone else just wants to eat. I mean I don’t blame them but oddly enough Passover is one of my favorite holidays. I love spending time with my family, fighting with my brother to find the afikoman and then maybe watching The Prince of Egypt or the Rugrat’s Passover for a nice throwback. And I also love the challenge. I have never once kept kosher for passover the entire time but every time I break it, it is completely unintentional. Last year I accidently put captain crunch on my froyo and completely forgot that had wheat until I was almost done. Oops. But this year I am determined! If I HAVE TO I will eat only chocolate covered matzah…


This will probably occupy most of my break in an effort to distract myself from not being able to have sushi. And plus Binghamton really doesn’t have that many great shopping choices, sorry town square mall… I can’t wait to go to some of my favorite stores like Gypsy Warrior, Lord and Taylor, and Free People and get some new spring clothing! I am also going on Birthright right after finals week so I’ll probs start shopping for stuff for it while I have time. Yayy maxi skirts!


Normally I would make the rounds to all of my favorite restaurants that I have been missing out on while eating sodexo but since it’s passover this quickly becomes a problem, no pad thai, pizza, or bagels for me! But luckily my mom is a great cook and usually makes some pretty delicious dishes for the sedar and enough to last the week. Her kasha is to die for and I could live off of her matzah ball soup for days. Her brisket is literally award winning (well it should be anyway) but I’ve been a vegetarian for 4 years now and this is the only thing I miss. But not to worry I’ll make the best of it! Sashimi is always a pretty good substitute although I always miss the rice and matzah brie is literally the food of the gods. So although I won’t be going out to as many restaurants I’m definetly gonna utilize this break to make up for months of let’s just say less than stellar cuisine. Other than that I am just going to finally RELAX. And it’s going to be great. And oh yeah probs live in my bed and catch up on all of the TV I haven’t had time to watch. Game of Thrones anybody?

*And if you are going somewhere warm (so jealous) then all I have to say is take James Franco’s advice and get your tanning on!

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