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How to Have a Good Spring Break (No Matter Where You Are!)

Better late than never: As the Spring weather is finally starting to blossom in Binghamton, the campus readies itself for a much needed, much anticipated Spring Break. If you’re poor like me, you will not be busting out the bikinis and passports or boarding a plane to someplace exotic. While vacations are fun, there are plenty of other options to having a fun spring break from just about anywhere.


1. Catch up on popular television shows. I don’t know about you, but I struggle to find time to watch re-runs let alone new shows during a semester. For that reason, breaks are the perfect time to totally binge on your favorite show (or a new one that your one friend keeps bugging you about). Maybe you missed the most recent season of Walking Dead or HIMYM…or maybe you’ve missed all three seasons of Game of Thrones and want to see what all the fuss is about. Since season 4 starts this Sunday, I’d say this is a good choice :-)

2. Speaking of Game of Thrones, breaks are also great times to catch up on pleasure reading. I can hardly get through a chapter in my Econ textbook…you can bet I have no time for reading a book of my omewhe choice. If seeing your friends go to Cancun is bumming you out, sometimes reading can take you someplace even cooler (yeah, I went there).

3. Good old fashioned family time. Two months is a very long time to go without seeing your family. Spring and Thanksgiving Breaks are perfect for catching up because it’s a whole week of good food and family, but then again it’s only a week. Not quite enough time for your siblings to go back to annoying you or your parents going back to nagging you to do chores. A week long break is long enough to recharge and soak in the love, but short enough to get your mom to do your laundry and maybe even take you shopping for a fresh spring wardrobe. Speaking of shopping…

4.  Shopping! Since our break is a little late, lots of spring lines have been out for weeks and sales are plentiful. If you can’t wear a bathing suit in the Bahamas, why not buy one and save it for the summer? A nice new outfit can give you something to look forward to when school starts again. Plus, you’ll have it for good. New clothes > sunburn.

5. This may not be the most fun option, but Spring Break is a pretty good time to catch up on …ahem, work. Like I said, 2 months is a long time to be in school…some of us may have started to slip up after midterms and could really use a week to get back on track. It may not sound fun, but finals week you will definitely thank you for it.

6. Volunteering. If you’re a do-gooder looking to spread some love, volunteering at local (or national) programs can be a very rewarding way to spend your break. Habitat for Humanity often does a lot of trips to rebuild houses and such. If you’re looking to stay local, see if the library, soup kitchen, or animal shelter could use an extra hand. It may not be glamorous, but it’s a sure way to pass the time and feel good about it.

7. Frankie Says Relax. If you have a little bit of money and want to treat yourself, having a spa day is always a good idea. Treat yourself to a massage or a facial (…or both…) and come back feeling fresh. A mani/pedi is never a bad a idea, either. If you’re like me, my roots could use some serious touch ups and my eyebrows and borderline caveman status (I mean…not really, but they need some work). Going home is the time to take care of all those little maintenance things that you just can’t get done at school.

8. Last but not least, see your friends! If you have any friends that go to private colleges who will be home for Easter, plan a fun night of cheesy movies and junk food and just pal around. If your friends are cursing you because they’re still at school and already had spring break, why not go visit?! Visiting other schools is always a fun experience…new school, new people, endless possibilities.

That’s all I’ve got to say about Spring Break. I know mine will definitely be a combination of all of the above (…if I can find the time!). If you are going someplace super awesome, be safe and bring us souvenirs ;)

Binghamton Contributor 
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