How To: Get back into shape after this winter

1. Have a realistic, attainable and healthy goal

Whether you want to gain or lose weight, build muscle or be able to run a 5k you want to strive for progress and not perfection. Make a routine that you can keep up with and is not impossible. You want to make sure that your routine doesn’t frustrate you. Making yourself a healthier being should be exciting and transformative, not a chore.



2. Do workouts a few times a week- it’s college.

You’re in college. You have enough on your plate with finals, upcoming tests and the end of the semester. Odds are you’re not gonna have time to do that lap around campus every single day. It helps if you plan out when you’re going to work out (almost as if it was one of your classes- without the stress though!)



3. Your workouts can be 15-20 minutes- every little bit counts!

Once again, you’re in college. You may have a job, or a test tomorrow, or a big interview so don’t work yourself too hard! Manage your time!!



4. Try an intramural or club sport that you may be excited about!

If you’re a freshman this may be a great way to make new friends! Also, time commitment won’t be an issue since it’s a club team. Odds are they’ll only meet once or twice a week!



5. Choose healthy options in the dining hall.


The dining halls are tempting places to get cupcakes, cookies, ice cream and (the best) french fries. Eating healthy can be expensive but it doesn’t always require salads. Anything can be healthy (for the most part) in proportions. Get a reasonable amount of food and try to divide your plate filled with greens, some carbs, fruits and protein.