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How To Ace Your Final Exams

It’s that time of the semester again, the dreaded finals week.  No need to stress when you’ve got tips like these!


1.Keep yourself healthy.  Get rest, go to the gym, eat your fruits and vegetables.  You need sleep to focus, caffeine doesn’t cut it.  Give yourself a break and make sure you get at least 8 hours a night.  Stress makes your body crave fats and sweets, but those will not give you energy you need to focus.  If you are a snacker, swap grapes or carrot sticks for chips.  Getting exercise will give you energy when it’s time to hit the books and reduce stress.


2. Find a study space where you can focus.  If you don’t have that perfect spot experiment a bit.  If you have to be in the library for many hours, switch up where you study every two hours in order to refocus yourself.  

3. Don’t be afraid to take breaks, even if it is just to change your Spotifiy Station or check your email.  This will reduce stress and give your brain a break.  

4. Keep your phone flipped over or on airplane mode.   This will help you focus and be more productive.  You can check it during your study break!

5.Don’t wait until the last minute.  Plan ahead so that you won’t be stuck in the library all night.  

Good luck and be confident!  You’ve got this!



Deena Abramson is a Senior at Binghamton University studying Psychology and Health and Wellness Studies.  She is originally from Lexington, Massachusetts.  She is currently the President of her sorority, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi, and is so grateful for her Sigma sisters, many of whom are also Her Campus writers!  Some of her hobbies include: running (she has run two half marathons this year!), hiking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, cooking healthy meals, playing word games, and of course writing for Her Campus!   She hopes that her articles both entertain and inspire her peers both at Binghamton and in the national Her Campus community.  
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