Great Hidden Study Spots On Binghamton's Campus

AHHH!!! Next week is finals week and the library is PACKED! I've seen so many facebook statuses about how many people are in the library and how loud it is now that the semester is almost over and people are trying to look like they've been learning this stuff all semester. And, unless you're an English major (who suffered this week and can go home now with the exception of a few tests here and there), you're probably panicking in your room trying to figure out a place to study because your dorm room has way too many distractions for it's own good. We've all been there, but instead of spending the next 30 minuts patrolling Bartle Library, praying to find a study spot, check out these places instead!

McArthur Library: Our campus's hipster and English major population has been holding this lovely study place hostage for years now. And it's time that the rest of us take advantage of it also. If you're the type of person who can drown out a little bit of background noise and have a few extra bucks on hand at all times, this is definitely the hang out place for you!

Newcomb Reading Room: People go straight for the library and forget about this little gem. Walk right in and there's the group study room, but if you go deeper into the bowels of Newcomb Reading Room, there's a ton of desks hidden in the stacks. Although the lighting leaves something to be desired, it's still dead silent most of the time and there's always a place to sit. So, don't forget that this room exists right across from Jazzman's in the library. It's there and waiting to be used. GO!s

Science Library: It's in the name! LIBRARY! So go ahead and take advantage of it. It's one of those places that non-science majors and lazy people alike stay away from but it's really got a bit of quiet places to study. Take advantage of it!

Science 3: Exam time is when your computer inevitably starts to do some funky things. Mine's doing weird things as I type this, and part of me really is contemplating going to Science 3's PODS hidden in the bowels of teh building. People forget about this gem too. But it's there and waiting for some loving!

Study Lounges: CIW has study lounges galore, I'd assume that many other communities have them as well. When I lived in Onondaga, there were usually like 4 people at most in the lounge, so it's time you take advantage of them. If they don't get used now, then when will they ever?