Gift Ideas for Your “Significant Other” for Valentine’s Day

So let’s face it guys in general are hard to buy for on any occasion. What makes it harder is Valentine’s Day because we all want to get our guy something cute and romantic without making it too girly. Well here are a few ideas for every relationship stage and any budget, but remember Valentine’s Day is about the thought not how much you spend (that is for Christmas, ha-ha).

For Your Crush

Whether he knows it or not you should still keep it simple, but sweet so he knows you are interested. So here are a few ideas:

  1. Remember those cute Valentine’s Day cards we gave out in elementary school? Well pick up a box and attach his favorite candy bar to it. It is cute and simple, plus you can use the rest of the cards in the box to give to your friends!
  2. Guys love to eat and college guys love coffee, so how about a $10 Starbucks gift card or a gift card to his favorite fast food restaurant (Five Guys, Moe’s, Chipotle).
  3. If you already know he likes you surprise him with heart shaped doughnuts from Dunkin Doughnuts. Not only will he love the gesture, but it will also let him know that you are interested too!

For Your Boyfriend

  1. We all get sick of dining hall food and most guys cannot cook…so cook him his favorite meal or your favorite meal. This is perfect way to spend some quality time together, plus it shows that you really care.
  2. For something a little sweeter, buy a Mason jar or a vase at the Dollar Store and fill it with little notes about what you love about your guy, favorite memories, song lyrics or quotes that remind you of him, or memories you wish to have. This is perfect for couples that are more serious about one another or that have been together longer and for those of us on a college student’s budget.
  3. If you just started dating or are more casual instead of going to see the chick flick you want to see surprise him with tickets to the new action or comedy that is out. Who knows you may even enjoy it more than he does!
  4. Print out your favorite picture of the two of you and put it in a frame. If you want to be a little bit more personal  go to Things Remembered and get an engraved picture frame or try Wal-Mart for a big collage frame and fill it with pictures or mementos (like ticket stubs, letter, emails, etc.) for his dorm room wall.
  5. Guys love to eat, especially junk food, so make him a care package with his favorite chips, soda, cookies, and candy. This can be nice for long distance relationships. It not only shows that you know what he likes, but it also shows how well you know him.
  6. I know it is cheesy, but how about a coupon book for massages, dinner dates where he doesn’t have to pay, surprises, his pick of the movie you watch or the restaurant you eat at. You can even spice it up or make it more unique to your relationship. This is a great idea for any stage in your relationship especially if you are on a budget or you gave each other bigger Christmas gifts.
  7. If you want to spend a little bit more money, pick out cologne that you like.  Your guy will like it, because he already knows you like it, so he will wear it just for you and also when he wears it all he will think about is you! It is a win-win for everybody!
  8. Does he love coffee? Does he have a Keurig? Get him his favorite K-cups or his favorite coffee.  You could even put this in with the care package gift.
  9. Let’s face it generally for dates the guys rarely get to do what they want to, not that they are complaining, but still not fair, so take him to do something different, but that would be fun for him. Like laser tag, ice skating, bowling, or the gym to play one-on-one basketball, whatever he likes to do.
  10. Finally, if you really want to spend some cash on your man get him his favorite player’s jersey or tickets to go see a game. He will definitely love you for this one!