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Fun Outdoor Activities to Do on Campus

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Binghamton chapter.

As the weather starts warming up, we can finally come out of hiding and remember just how many people actually go to this school. Sometimes it’s hard to remember just how beautiful our campus is. As the semester comes to a close, try getting some vitamin D and enjoy these nice outdoor excursions:

  1. Hiking in the Nature Preserve: I am absolutely shocked whenever I hear a senior mention that he or she has yet to go in the Nature Preserve. It is gorgeous. There are all sorts of neat trails to explore, a playground, views for days, and tons of fun wildlife. It’s not uncommon to come across some deer, chipmunks, frogs, and maybe even a beaver or two. If running in the marshes isn’t for you, just walking to the top and looking out over the scene is breathtaking enough!
  2. Frisbee: What is college without frisbees flying about? Frisbees are classic college fun and pretty cheap. What is more fun than looking like an idiot trying to throw and catch these things? If you’re looking for a work out, grab some friends and play ultimate frisbee. If you’re feeling brave, maybe toss it near someone cute :)
  3. Speaking of frisbee, Disc Golf: Unless you live in Newing, you may not know that our school now has Disc Golf. It’s sort of like a combination of frisbee and golf. It looks pretty hard but totally awesome. Here’s the link for more info!
  4. Newing Navy: If you’re a Newing resident, feel free to come out to Newing Navy going on this week! There are all sorts of fun competitions, game, and treats to indulge in!
  5. Swings: Embrace your inner child! If you don’t go around there often, Dickinson now has a swing set. You know you want to.
  6. S’mores at the Firepit: Many people do not realize that there are two firepits on campus; one is next to Endicott Hall in Newing and the other is behind Hinman near Susqehanna. You have to get a permit first, but anyone can rent them and it’s a really neat thing to do. Grab some friends, firewood, and snacks and have an full-on camp-out!
  7. Running/walking: Sometimes people forget that a nice walk can relieve all that stress you’re carrying over finals and projects. Sometimes walking with a friend can be a relaxing way to bond, soak up the sun, and take in the view.
  8. Tightrope Walking with The Binghamton University Circus Arts Association: Ever see those kids walking on a thin rope between trees when you’re walking to class? Chances are, they’re in the BUCAA.  They all seem very friendly and always ask people if they want to try! If you want to meet new people and try something new, this could be it!
  9. Outdoor Pursuits: If you’re ever bored and looking for something fun to do on a nice day, Binghamton’s Outdoor Pursuits offers some fun activities to get you outside and meeting new people! They offer lots of hikes, instructional meetings, and all-day outtings. One such upcoming event is Tree Climbing! Check it out! Find the list of events here! Additionally, they have tons of equipment you can rent for camping trips, hiking trips, and other such things. You can find the items and rates here.
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