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Fun Family Activities to do Over Break!



It’s (FINALLY) that time of the year again: spring break! While I’m very excited to be free of school for a week, spend some much needed time at home, and eat a lot of matzah (okay, not so excited about that one), the downside to our spring break being so late in the semester is that all of my other friends had their spring break already. I know other people are in this same situation, but don’t fret! Here are things to have fun and keep busy with and do with your family. After all, your family misses you and it’s important to spend quality time with them!

1. Enjoy a family meal together

Now that you’re home, you can go to the restaurants you missed eating at and who better to go with than your family? Other than the fact that you get a free meal out of it (#collegestudentproblems), you also get to catch up with your family about how school has been and how your family has been all while enjoying a nice meal. If you’ll be observing Passover like me, and you won’t have this option, then enjoy the Passover seders with your family. My favorite part of Passover are the seders because my grandparents, cousins, and family friends come over too and I get to enjoy a nice dinner with all of my loved ones.


2. Enjoy the spring weather

This winter has been extremely brutal and we’re finally beginning to see warm weather and sunshine. Spend the time at home that you would be spending in class outside in the beautiful weather with your family. If you close to a city, go to the city for the day and walk around. If you live near a beach then go for a walk on the boardwalk. Or simply go for a walk or a run outside and bond with your family while doing a healthy activity and getting in shape for summer.


3. Go to a baseball game

Baseball season is in full swing and what’s better than going to your favorite team’s game with people who probably contributed to the love your favorite team? I personally love going to Citi Field with my family to watch the Mets play and even if I’m not the biggest baseball fan, the idea of going to the stadium on a nice day and getting to spend quality time is always a spring and summer time favorite of mine. 


4. Take a vacation

If you don’t have plans to go away for spring break, you can still make quick last-minute arrangements to go somewhere. It doesn’t even have to be a big trip. Pack up the car, pick a destination and enjoy a family road trip.


5. Plan a vacation

Maybe it is too last minute for you to take a family vacation, but it’s not too late to plan a family vacation for the summer. Whether it’s a cruise, flying to another state or country, or a road trip, it’s always fun to take a family vacation in the summer. Last year I went on a cruise to Alaska with my family and had an amazing time. There was something for each of us to enjoy and we had a great time doing things such as walking on glaciers and ziplining together. 

Samantha Wieder is a senior at Binghamton University. She's majoring in English Rhetoric and minoring in Cinema. Heavily involved in campus, she's proud to be part of BTV, Binghamton's student run television station, as production manager on e-board. She's also a member of the Marketing Association, staff writer for Pipe Dream Release, and a sister of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi. During the summer of 2014, she was an Editorial Intern at Long Island Pulse Magazine in Patchogue, NY and during the summer of 2015, she was a Marketing and Communications Intern at Hazon, a Jewish non-profit in the Financial District. She looks forward to interning at FOX 40 in Binghamton during the spring 2016 semester and to begin a career in New York City for post-grad life. She looks forward to another incredible year of writing for Her Campus!
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