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Fighting Break Boredom: What To Do When Meeting Up with School Friends

So it’s winter break and that means you are finally reunited with your home friends. No classes and no work means you have plenty of time to hang out, go shopping and spend some quality time with the family. But let’s be honest, sooner or later you are going to get bored. And then start to miss your friends from school. Usually this calls for a city meet up. The city is most likely a fairly common meeting place between you and your school friends. There are plenty of things to do in the city, (yes most of them involve food) but there are also ways to fight the boredom without eating! Here’s a guide to a couple things are delicious fun and also a couple that are just plain delicious.

Going out to Dinner:

This one is obvious but it’s also obviously really fun and easy to do. Try going to Carmine’s if your meeting up with a bunch of school friends. They have huge portions that you can all split and its also really good. If you dare you can try the titanic dessert. It’s about as big as the titanic but it’s definitely something memorable to do and completely Insta worthy. Max Brenner or the Sugar Factory are always really fun too just be prepared to wait.

Ice Skating:

It is the holiday season after all. There are plenty of places to do this in the city, Citi Pond at Bryant Park, the Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers, Wollman or Laser Rink at Central Park or the Standard Hotel Ice Rink. What’s more fun than doning your cutest sweater and winter accessories getting some light exercise and then completely negating that with huge cup of delicious hot cocoa?

Museum Trip:

This is for those of you who want to feel classy for a day. Why not get dressed up and dole out some of your expertise you gained in your Art History class and pretend that your an art pro while you stroll around any one of the city’s 100’s of art museums. I love the classics like the Guggenheim, the MoMA, and the MET.

Hot Cocoa hunt:

I personally really want to do this. There are soooooo many lists of “the best hot chocolate” in the city that just makes me want to try each and every one of them. Why not find a list and do a sort of scavenger hunt for the best? Am I the only one who thinks this sounds like the best day ever? And this doesn’t have to be expensive, no need to take a taxi, just use public transit or walk from place to place that way you at least burn off some of the calories in between!


It doesn’t have to be a really expensive broadway show, there are tons of preforming art shows all over the city all the time. Just find something online and go see it if it looks like fun. I loveddddd Sleep No More. This one is a little more expensive so maybe you and your friend can ask for a ticket as a holiday gift? There’s also so many bars that have live music in the city. Or if your not 21+ then look into it, a lot of bars  do the whole “wristbands for under 21 people thing”.

*If your not meeting up in the city and they are coming to visit you then take this opportunity to show them around your hometown and have them meet your homefriends! But don’t feel obligated to entertain them the whole time. They really just want to see you and probably get out of their house and away from their family before they go crazy. A good lazy netflix movie night is as good a plan as any! Somehow doing nothing with someone else is just so much better than doing nothing alone.

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