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Discovering Binghamton: Your Guide to the Abroad Life Without Being Abroad

So is it just me or has everyone else lost their bff’s to some fabulous country on the other side of the world?
College students go abroad all the time. Lizzie McGuire spent a summer in Rome and Mary-Kate and Ashley lived it up in Paris. Alright so none of the girls I just mentioned were actually in college at the time of their European travels but you get my drift.
Traveling outside of the country is a journey most people would love to embark on, but it seems like every student decided to take this journey this semester. In doing so, they left some great friends behind.
Maybe you were too scared to live somewhere so completely different for several months, or maybe you just didn’t have the finances available to you. Whatever your story, your now left sitting in your dorm room, watching the Jersey Shore marathon, and eating a box of chocolates in bed.
While a majority of your friends are out and about living it up in Spain or Australia, or anywhere there are some hot foreigners, take some time to explore where you are right now. After some extensive research, I’ve come across some really cool places and things to do while living in good ol’ Binghamton.
Did you know that Binghamton is the Carousel Capital of the world, having six antique carousels? Recreation Park on 58-78 Beethoven Street features 60 jumping horses, 4-abreast, and chariots. So head down over to George F. Johnson Recreation Park and check out some beautiful antique carousels in one of the only cities that still has carousels of this kind!

Are you a theatre junkie? Binghamton University’s Theatre Department holds four main stage productions each year. This spring the department is featuring Noises Off! and Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. For more information head to http://theatre.binghamton.edu.
Love animals? The Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park, located at 60 Morgan Road open from April to November, is the fifth oldest zoological institution in the country. The Rainforest Aviary and the Penguin Exhibit are just a couple of the exhibits available at the Binghamton Zoo. Oh and you can also meet a real life bearcat!
More of a sports gal? Binghamton is home of the New York Mets’ AA Farm team. Catch a game at NYSEG Stadium located just downtown at 211 Henry Street.
The best part about Binghamton? The food. Whether you’d like some classic American comfort food at Tully’s, delicious crepes from Crepe Heaven, or some great sushi at Sake-Tumi, Binghamton certainly does not lack in the food department. For a list of local restaurants go to http://www.visitbinghamton.org/wheretoeat.
Now ladies, I’ve given you all the information necessary to have an abroad experience right here in Binghamton, you know, minus the whole being abroad part. 


Raven Rivera is a senior at Binghamton University majoring in English and Rhetoric with a minor in Theatre. After living on Long Island all her life, she made the move to upstate NY and is enjoying the snowy weather. At Binghamton, Raven is the president and editor-in-chief of the newly SA-chartered publication, Her Campus Binghamton. In her spare time she enjoys watching entirely too much television, romantic comedies and Disney movies, and preparing for her American Idol auditions one day. She is currently an editorial intern for iaam.com and in the future, hopes to move to NYC and be a head writer/executive producer of an awesome television show on ABC, NBC, FOX, or Bravo (really, any will do).
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