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Dear Nesh: I’m a Crazy Jealous Girlfriend

Nesh Pillay is HC Binghamton’s new advice columnist! If you have a dilemma and need some advice, send questions to [email protected]. Your question may be used in the next installment of “Dear Nesh”!

Dear Nesh,
I have been dating my boyfriend for about three months now and he is great. He respects me, pays for our dates, and gets along really well with my friends. He’s really cute too! The one thing that bugs me is that he is very close with his female friends. They always write inside jokes on his Facebook wall and I see this as borderline flirting. I know that he is a good guy and would never cheat on me, but I can’t help being a little jealous of the relationship he has with his friends. How do I bring this up with out sounding like a crazy person? Should I just not bring it up at all?
Yours truly,
Crazy in love

Dear Crazy,
I hate to break it to you, but you are a girl. It has [not] been scientifically proven that all females are born with a strain of the crazy gene.  The trick is to control yourself, and try to channel the crazy into something positive. Perhaps you should try to embrace his friendships, instead of trying to fight them. Tell him that you really admire the strong relationships is he is able to have with his friends [do NOT say this sarcastically]. Then, suggest that you all hang out as a group. Who knows? Maybe you will make a whole new group of friends in the process. Your man will appreciate and admire your maturity in the situation. Also, guys love it when their friends approve of the girls they are seeing. I [and your boyfriend] thank you for approaching me for advice on this situation BEFORE attacking your guy in his sleep with tar and chicken feathers.  Don’t do that. It is generally a bad route to take. Hope I helped!

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