To Crawl or Not to Crawl?

Classes have ended, finals are about to be over, and an overwhelming feeling of relief hits you. This is when you know its time for Bar Crawl at Binghamton. My freshman year I decided to skip this momentous occasion, but last year I luckily took to my better judgment and attended this great and wonderful event. It was full of warmth, sun, friends, laughs, and just overall amazing memories. Bar Crawl in my opinion is the best way to celebrate making it through yet another difficult and stressful semester and I of course plan on attending it once again this year.

It is quite important to plan this day out if you want to make the best of it. Make sure to get a group of friends together (it could literally be anyone and everyone you know) and come up with some creative and funny t-shirt design in order to be properly dressed for the occasion. Also, this isn’t the time to go all out in heels and fancy dresses and skirts and what not. A tank and jean shorts tend to be the most popular outfit seen on the runway of State Street on this day every year. Bar Crawl is a time to be chill and carefree, so converse or any sneakers are the perfect accessories for all outfits on this day.  

At Binghamton, State Street is the place to be when it’s a beautiful day outside after finals have ended, which is why my favorite bar to explore is JT’s. With a window right out front, it’s the perfect place to get your dance on while also keeping an eye on anything going on outside. You never know when your random friend you haven’t seen in ages is going to pop up, so a place with a view in my opinion is very important. It’s the last time for people to be together before everyone goes home for the summer, so make sure to say hi to as many people as possible because you have 3 months to wait before you see a lot of them next.

Lastly, in order to make this momentous day as wonderful as you imagined, it’s important to just go with the flow. You could randomly get invited to a BBQ or see that one girl in your Anthropology class from last year who wants to catch up, but as long as you go into this day wanting to have fun and be carefree it will be the best ending to your semester.